Good Morning: Hotel-Style Wake Up Calls Return to Asterisk

Everybody has their own favorite way to start the day. If music doesn’t happen to be your thing, then perhaps a hotel-style wakeup call will fit the bill. Once installed, you can dial *68 from any extension on your Asterisk® PBX and schedule a hotel-style wakeup call complete with snooze alarms. You also can designate extensions that can serve as administrators to schedule wakeup calls for any extension on your system. And, no, this won’t interfere with Nerd Vittles Telephone Reminder System when your requirements demand something a bit more flexible and robust.

Prerequisites. The latest module is specifically designed for integration into any current version of FreePBX® (works fine in 2.8, 2.9, and 2.10) so all of the FreePBX-based aggregations should work just fine so long as your favorite includes a fairly recent version of FreePBX. Your server also needs PHP5.

Installation. The installation process couldn’t be simpler. First, download the software from the new POSSA Repository to your Desktop. Our special thanks to Andrew Nagy and Lorne Gaetz for their tireless work on the PBX Open Source Software Alliance. Don’t decompress the archive! Now use a web browser to access FreePBX on your Asterisk PBX. Choose Tools, Module Admin, Upload Module. Now Browse to the hotelwakeup- file on your Desktop and click the Upload button. Now click local module administration, scroll down and click on Wake Up Calls and then the Install radio button. Now click Process, and complete the usual FreePBX install and reload process. It takes longer to explain it than it’ll take you to do it. Make certain that the PHP time zone is set correctly on your system, or the wakeup calls may arrive at unexpected times. HINT: Nothing beats a trial run!

Configuration. When you complete the install process, there will be a new option on your Tools menu bar in FreePBX called Wake Up Calls. Click on this option and decide whether you want to activate Operator mode to enable some extensions to schedule wakeups for every extension on your PBX. Then select the number of digits in your extensions, how long to ring when a wakeup call is placed, how long to wait to retry the call, and how many retry attempts to make. Now set the CallerID for the calls, and you’re finished. Click the Submit button and reload your Asterisk dialplan setup.

Trial Run. To make sure everything is working, you need to place a test call from both a regular extension and also an extension that you designated as an operator station if you chose to implement this. Just dial *68 and follow the prompts using 4-digit numbers for the desired wake up call times. Then wait for your wakeup call. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Enjoy!

Originally published: Wednesday, February 25, 2009.

Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2012.

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