Low-Cost Cloud Provider Favorites

WARNING: Only use these providers if you can afford to lose your money if they abruptly go out of business or operation. Some have! If you use them, always set up a redundant server with another provider in another location. Incredible Backup is your friend. OpenVZ platform unless KVM noted. Never sign up with these providers for more than a year. Always fund these services using a mechanism such as PayPal which provides a six-month window for refunds if things ever come unglued. With PayPal, you also can (and should) disable recurring payments which seems to be a favorite trick of low-cost providers. You’ve been warned!

NOTE: The KVM/OVZ7 platform providers below are from better established companies (some cost more) and should provide an improved long-term solution. They also provide better security for publicly-exposed servers like OpenSIPS, IncrediblePBX-PUBLIC, and 3CX.

ProviderRAMDiskBandwidthPerformance as of 8/29/19Cost
HostFlyte1GB30GB2TB/month901Mb/DN 855Mb/UP$8/6mos.
Hosting731.5GB25GB2TB/month668Mb/DN 214Mb/UP$14/year
HostBRZ1GB20GB3TB/month445Mb/DN 244Mb/UP$15/year
SnowVPS1GB15GB2TB/month280Mb/DN 331Mb/UP$12/year
SolvedByData2GB20GB2.5TB/month430Mb/DN 159Mb/UP
2CPU Core 2GB swap
WelcomeHosting KVM (LA)1.5GB20GB1.5TB/month302Mb/DN 242Mb/UP$21/year
CrownCloud KVM (LA)1GB20GB +
1TB/month621Mb/DN 428Mb/UP
2CPU Core
Naranjatech KVM (The Netherlands)1GB20GB1TB/monthHosting since 2005
VAT: EU res.
20€/year w/code:
BudgetNode KVM (LA)1GB40GB RAID101TB/monthAlso available in U.K PM @Ishaq on LET before payment$24/year
FreeRangeCloud KVM (Ashburn VA, Winnipeg, Freemont CA)1GB20GB SSD3TB/monthPick EGG loc'n
Open ticket for last 5GB SSD
$30/year w/code:

* Open a ticket after signup to request a 1Gbit port upgrade or to take advantage of other LowEndBox special offer.

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