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Getting Started: Incredible Backup and Restore with Issabel

The only thing worse than not having a PBX for your home or office is not having a backup of your home or office PBX. With Incredible PBX for Issabel, the process is simple. So you have no excuse!

To backup your Issabel PBX, login to your server as root using SSH or Putty. From the /root directory, type: ./incrediblebackup and agree to the license agreement. In a minute or so you will have a backup file in /backup that’s approximately 100MB in size. Copy it to a safe place (away from your server) together with a copy of the Issabel and Incredible PBX installers that were used to create your server. If you used the Issabel ISO to create your server, store it in a safe place in lieu of the Issabel netinstall script below:

cd /root
wget http://repo.issabel.org/issabel4-netinstall.sh
# then copy out these files:

Backup files are named with the following format: PLATFORM-DATE-Asterisk-FreePBX-Incredible. For example, RH-2017. would tell you the backup was performed on a RedHat-compatible platform on August 27, 2017 at 9:52 in the morning. The Asterisk® version was 11.25.0. The FreePBX® version was 2.11, and the Incredible PBX® version was dated 17.07.17.

To restore the backup to a new server, install Issabel using the original ISO or netinstall script you copied and the Incredible PBX installer you saved. The installer versions must match your backup! Once the new server is created, login to the server as root using SSH or Putty and create a backup directory if it does not already exist: mkdir /backup. Copy your saved backup file into that directory. Then switch to the /root directory and run this command using the actual filename of your backup file:

./incrediblerestore /backup/RH-2017.

WARNING: If you are simply duplicating your server setup to a new server, make certain that you shut down your existing server before bringing up the new server with the restored backup since all of your trunks would be enabled on two different servers. If you have Google Voice trunks with plain-text passwords that were created within the Issabel GUI, remember to first use a browser to login to your Google Voice accounts and enable the new IP address by following this link: https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha for each Google Voice account.

That completes the backup and restore procedure with Incredible PBX for Issabel. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can do with Incredible PBX for Issabel. Head over to our introductory article where we’ve documented dozens of Asterisk® applications that await your exploration.