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Wazo Trunks Tutorial: Installing an Anveo Direct Outbound Trunk and Incoming DID

Anveo Direct is perhaps lowest-cost SIP provider in the world. They offer outbound SIP calling with a password or traditional DIDs on either a pay-per-call or unlimited call basis. The incoming DID trunk setup is extremely complex. So, for today, we will document how to configure an Anveo Direct trunk solely for Outbound Calling.

Setting Up Service at Anveo Direct

1. Register for an account on the Anveo Direct Portal.

2. Login to your account and click on the Outbound Service tab.

3. Click ADD A NEW CALL TERMINATION TRUNK. Shown below is a sample template, and we’ve highlighted the 3 most important entries on the form. Dialing Prefix is the six-digit password to use when making calls with Anveo Direct. The first digit must be a zero. Don’t make the remaining digits obvious. Authorized IP Addresses is the list of IP addresses that can make outbound Anveo Direct calls on your nickel. It must include the public IP address of your Wazo server, or outbound calls will fail with a Busy. We’ve shown a typical setup for Carrier Routing of your calls. Unless you know what you’re doing, following the template. Make certain that you check Smart Route Option. This tells Anveo Direct to always attempt to complete the call using the same provider that owns the destination number. This will reduce failed calls to almost zero with very little additional cost. Set a per minute Rate Cap for calls and keep it as low as possible to complete the types of calls you will be making with the Anveo Direct trunk. To provide a point of reference, a 10-minute call to Charleston, South Carolina costs about a penny. Set a Concurrrent Calls limit to reduce your exposure in the event your account is compromised. Click SAVE when finished.

Setting Up an Anveo Direct Outbound Trunk on Wazo

As noted, you can only make outbound calls with this setup so there is no need to register your SIP trunk.

In the Wazo GUI, create a new Anveo Direct SIP Trunk by choosing IPBX:Trunk Management:SIP Protocol. Click on + Add to open a new template.

In the General tab, fill in the blanks using the entries shown. You do NOT need username:password account credentials. For the gateway address, use sbc.anveo.com. So long as you own the number, you can spoof the outbound CallerID number as shown.

Skip the Register tab since registration is not required to make outbound calls.

In the Signaling tab, DTMF=RFC2833 and Monitoring=Yes. Customize Codec to G.711 u-law.

In the Advanced tab, Insecure=All and Port=5060. Also Trust Remote-Party-ID and Send Remote-Party-ID to Yes.

Save your settings when done.

Wazo will not actually process outgoing calls through the Anveo Direct trunk until you configure an outgoing route in IPBX:Call Management:Outgoing Calls. Because Anveo’s Outgoing Call setup is unique, we will cover it below.

Setting Up an Anveo Direct Outgoing Call Route

1. The first step is to identify how your Outgoing Calls to Anveo Direct should be dialed. We recommend a prefix such as 23 (AD) followed by a 10-digit number for U.S./Canada calls. If you will be making international calls, you may need to create multiple dialing rules.

2. Choose IPBX:Call Management:Outgoing Calls and click + Add to create a new outgoing call route. Fill in the template for the General tab as shown below, moving your Anveo Direct trunk from the right column to the left column:

3. Click on the Exten tab and fill in the template as shown. Extern prefix is your 6-digit Dialing Prefix (password) that was configured when you set up your Anveo account. Exten is the dial string that callers must dial to use the Anveo Direct trunk. The Stripnum value of 2 is the number of numbers that will be stripped off the dialed number before it is sent to Anveo Direct. NOTE: In addition to your 6-digit dialing prefix (shown below), there should be a 1 appended to the end of the Extern Prefix field. This tells Wazo to add a 1 to the 10-digit number for U.S./Canada calls before sending it to Anveo. For other countries, there would be a different country code added to the end of the Extern Prefix field unless your dial string includes the country code. If you wish to make calls to other countries, click + Add and repeat the procedure with the additional dial string(s).

4. Place a test call from a SIP phone on your Wazo PBX by dialing a number in the proper Anveo Direct dial string format and make sure it completes successfully.

Setting Up Anveo Direct DID for Incoming Calls

See this Nerd Vittles tutorial for step-by-step installation instructions.