WHERE-TO Bonanza: 50 Great Summertime Web Sites for You & Your Mac mini

Today we’re providing 50 of our favorite Mac mini resources on the web that will tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Mac technology. There are sites for news, reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, troubleshooting, blogs, forums, hacks, rumors, and loads of additional applications. So, while we’re taking it easy this summer, visit a few of the sites you haven’t already tried and learn something new. We’ll even wave to you from the beach. Any Mac running at least Mac OS X v10.3 aka Panther is a suitable candidate for taking advantage of most of these web sites. In case we missed a few, feel free to add your own favorites as comments. And, for the math geniuses, you’re right. The number of sites doesn’t quite add up to 50, but a few sites weren’t that great so we’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones shouldn’t be here. And be sure to check out our HOW-TO Bonanza: 50 Great Summertime Applications for You & Your Mac Mini.
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Favorite Hacks

  • hack a day   HOW-TO Hacks to the Max
  • lifehack.org   Daily Productivity Pointers and Life Hacks
  • Favorite Tech Sites

  • O’Reilly Make:   Technology on Your Time
  • O’Reilly MacDevCenter   Mac Projects to the Max
  • Command-Tab   Technology and Mac Geekery
  • MacGuru HQ   Mac and Linux Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
  • Favorite Mac mini Sites

  • 123macmini.com   The granddaddy of the Mac mini sites
  • Modmini.com   Making the most of your Mac mini
  • BYODKM.net   Mac mini Enthusiast Network
  • HTmini   Mac mini Hardware News
  • Favorite Mac News Sites

  • MacSurfer’s Headlines News   If You Only Have Time To Check Out One Site, This Is It!
  • Mac News Network   Another Terrific Site for Mac News
  • Mac Mini News   All the Latest Mac Mini News
  • MacCentral   Great news and reviews from MacWorld
  • MacMiner   get deep. find news.
  • MacDailyNews   Apple and Mac news
  • Infinite Loop   Ars Technica’s Mac journal
  • trendalicious!   Another view of the del.icio.us bookmarking service
  • Other Mac News and Reviews

  • Applelinks   The Ultimate Mac Website
  • MacInTouch   Mac News and Information
  • MacMerc.com   Mac Articles and News
  • MacMegasite   Mac News from a Software Developer’s Perspective
  • Macsimum News   Mac Online Newspaper
  • MacSlash   Daily Dose of Mac News and Commentary
  • The Tao of Mac   Two parts genius, one part … well, you decide
  • Favorite Mac Applications

  • Mac OS X Apps   Mac Applications for Everyman … and Woman
  • Mac OS X Power Tools   Every Link from First and Second Editions
  • Favorite Mac Mags

  • MacAddict   A Better Machine, A Better Magazine
  • MacWorld   The Mac Product Experts
  • Popular Science   Great How-To article on the Mac mini
  • Favorite Mac Rumor and Gossip Sites

  • Apple Insider   News and Rumors
  • Mac Rumors   News and Rumors You Care About
  • Think Secret   Mac Insider News
  • Favorite Mac Weblogs

  • Technorati   Blog search engine
  • The Apple Blog   Everything Apple
  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog   A Little Bit of Everything Including A Chat Room
  • Daring Fireball   Mac Nerdery, etc.
  • Obvious Diversion   Mac Stuff That Makes You Think
  • Nerd Vittles   Just In Case You Share This List With A Friend
  • Favorite Mac mini Forums

  • Apple Discussion   Lots of stuff with lots of rules (registration required)
  • Macminiforums   #1 Resource for the Mac mini (registration required)
  • MacOSXhints Forum   Everything you ever wanted to know about Mac OS X
  • Favorite Mac Troubleshooting Sites

  • MacFixIt   Troubleshooting Solutions for the Mac
  • Accelerate Your Mac   Lots of great real-world tips
  • Tiger Hints   Solutions to just about any problem with Tiger
  • Favorite Mac Tutorials

  • MacZealots.com   Mac Tutorials and Reviews
  • Favorite Gadget Sites

  • Engadget   
  • Gizmodo   
  • Ubergizmo   
  • GadgetryBlog   
  • Akihabara News   
  • Popgadget   For Ladies Only
  • For The Other Side

  • For Windows XP Users   Still Using Win XP But Wanna Try the Mac OS X Experience for Free
  • When 50 Just Isn’t Enough

  • MacPiCkS   Every Mac resource on the web … except ours, but who cares
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    1. Devo says:

      I think 123Macmini.com is the best Mac mini site.

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