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Oh My God, It’s Omicron!

We had a near perfect Christmas vacation in Vero Beach this year. There were a couple of terrific mask-free parties leading up to the big day, and they were all loaded with great food and enough college kids to open our own tavern. We also had dined out several nights before Christmas so we have no idea where Omicron was hiding. Then December 27 rolled around and, after two years of remaining Cootie-free, I woke up with the sniffles and congestion not unlike a common cold. Luckily, two of our friends gave us a couple of rapid antigen tests for Covid. I flunked, and Mary passed but had similar symptoms to mine plus a headache. I, of course, have heard the headache story for many years so I didn’t put too much stock in that.

I don’t often write about personal stuff but I’m making an exception simply to stress how important Covid vaccinations and boosters are to your survival. I’ve had all three shots and, on Day 4 of my Omicron surprise, I’m happy to report that my bout with Covid is over, and it was less severe than a common cold. I also confess that I’m one who can nurse a cold for the better part of a month enjoying every miserable day. Aside from a few sniffles and a little sneezing, there’s not much else to report about my time with Omicron. But others haven’t been so lucky. And that’s mainly because of their insistence on asserting their independence from the medical community. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Get vaccinated and boosted. It probably won’t keep you from getting Omicron, but there’s a strong possibility it will keep you out of the hospital. Here’s hoping all of you have a safe and Happy New Year!

Originally published: Friday, December 31, 2021


  1. Yours is a timely post with real world comments. I forwarded it to my parents who also caught Covid-19 over the holidays and survived thank goodness, thanks to the 2 shots they took in the Springtime. But they didn’t yet have the 3rd booster shot. Without going into details, many of which seemingly are too embarrassing to have been shared with me, I think both my parents really, really wished they had taken the booster before they caught the Covid-19 virus. I do know for a fact their downtime is longer than what you’ve reported Ward.

    A relative told me my step-father’s blood oxygen levels were at 85 when he arrived at the hospital. If I recall correctly, that’s what former President Trump’s blood level was at when he flew in the helicopter to Walter Reed Hospital.

    I’ve written absolutely everything that I’ve been told about their illness.

    FWIW my parents primary news sources are Fox, Newsmax, and OAN and they live in an extremely red congressional district. That said, I’m thrilled they took the first 2 shots as soon as the modern science and technology became available to them.

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