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Skyetel Smorgasborg: SMS Blasting, SMS Dictator, and more

Just in time for Santa, we’ve got a great treat for those of you that have taken advantage of the Nerd Vittles special offer from Skyetel which gets you a $50 credit on their powerful VoIP platform. Today we’re adding not one, but three, SMS messaging utilities to the Incredible PBX UC platform. Effective 10/1/2023, $25/month minimum spend required. In addition to a command line utility to send SMS messages, we’re also introducing SMS Message Blasting which lets you send an SMS message to as many recipients as you would like. It’s perfect for sports team and community group messaging. To round out the trifecta, we’ve updated our SMS Dictator utility by integrating Skyetel messaging with IBM’s powerful voice recognition software.1 Simply dial S-M-S (767) from any extension on your PBX and dictate an SMS message to send to a recipient of your choice. Gone are the days of wrestling with Google’s ever-changing voice recognition platform. Good riddance!

To get started, you’ll need to have an IBM Watson account with an APIkey for their Speech-to-Text (STT) engine. Next, you will need a Skyetel SMS-enabled DID. Before we install today’s SMS scripts, it should be noted that SMS messages must be sent from the PBX registered as the Skyetel Endpoint Group for the SMS-enabled DID specified in the Skyetel SMS scripts. So let’s begin with the configuration steps to put all the pieces in place.

Getting Started with IBM Watson STT Service

We’ve created a separate tutorial to walk you through obtaining and configuring your IBM Watson credentials. Start there.

Now let’s get IBM’s Speech to Text service activated. Log back in to the IBM Cloud. Click on the (upper left) Menu icon and select Dashboard. Click on the Speech to Text app. Choose a Region to deploy in, choose your Organization from the pull-down menu, and select STT as your Space. Choose the Standard Pricing Plan or LITE Plan. Then click Create. When Speech to Text Portal opens, click the Service Credentials tab. In the Actions column, click View Credentials and copy down your STT APIkey. Then logout of IBM Watson.

Getting Started with Skyetel Messaging

If you haven’t already signed up for a Skyetel account, read our tutorial and take advantage of the $50 coupon for free service. Sign up for a DID and activate the SMS feature for your number. Create an Endpoint Group with the public IP address of your PBX. Then edit your phone number and link it to the Endpoint Group of your server. If you want to forward incoming SMS messages to either an email address or to your smartphone’s messaging service, configure it under the SMS & MMS tab. Finally, click on the settings icon beside your account name in the upper right corner of the Skyetel portal and then click the API Keys tab. Click the Create button and copy down your SID and SECRET for Skyetel’s API service. This secret is not retrievable once you close the window so put the credentials in a safe place for subsequent use. Then logout of the Skyetel portal.

Installing the SMS Components on Your PBX

There are three separate applications which we will install on your PBX: (1) a stand-alone utility that lets you send SMS messages from the Linux CLI by entering a recipients 11-digit phone number and an SMS message surrounded by quotes, (2) an SMS message blasting utility that lets you send a previously prepared SMS message to a group of recipients whose 11-digit SMS numbers have been entered into a text file, and (3) the SMS Dictator application which lets you pick up any phone on your PBX and dial S-M-S (767) to dictate a message and send it to a recipient whose number you’ve key in from your phone. For those not residing in North America, the number of phone number digits can easily be changed in all of the scripts. After we install the three applications, we’ll edit each of the scripts to insert your IBM STT and Skyetel API credentials. Then you’re ready to start messaging.

First, let’s install the stand-alone and message blasting SMS utilities. Log into your server as root and issue the following commands:

cd /root
mkdir sms-skyetel
cd sms-skyetel
wget http://incrediblepbx.com/smsblast-skyetel.tgz
tar zxvf smsblast-skyetel.tgz
rm -f smsblast-skyetel.tgz

Next, let’s install the SMS Dictator application while still logged into your server:

cd /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
wget http://incrediblepbx.com/sms-767-skyetel.tgz
tar zxvf sms-767-skyetel.tgz
rm -f sms-767-skyetel.tgz

Configuring the Skyetel SMS Components

While still positioned in the agi-bin directory, edit smsgen.sh. Insert apikey as your API_USERNAME and your actual STT APIkey as API_PASSWORD in the fields provided. Insert your Skyetel SID, SECRET, and 11-digit DID in the fields provided. Then save the file.

Next, change directories to /root/sms-skyetel and edit BOTH sms-skyetel and smsblast and insert your Skyetel credentials and DID in the fields provided at the top of both files.

Finally, when you’re ready to use the message blasting application (smsblast), first insert your SMS message in the smsmsg.txt file. Then insert the list of SMS numbers in smslist.txt.

Testing the Skyetel SMS Components

To try out the SMS Dictator application, dial S-M-S (767) from a phone connected to your PBX. When prompted, enter the 11-digit number of the SMS recipient. When prompted, dictate the message to be sent and press #.

To try out the stand-alone SMS application, navigate to /root/sms-skyetel and issue the following command using the 11-digit number of the SMS recipient followed by a space and an SMS message to be sent surrounded by quotes: ./sms-skyetel 18005551212 "Howdy."

To try out the message blasting SMS application, navigate to /root/sms-skyetel. Enter the message to be sent in smsmsg.txt and enter the list of SMS numbers in smslist.txt. Kick off the message blast by entering the command: ./smsblast.

Originally published: Monday, December 10, 2018

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  1. Skyetel outbound SMS messages are billed at 1¢/message plus a monthly SMS surcharge of 10¢ per SMS-enabled DID. With IBM’s STT service, users have a choice of the LITE tier providing 100 minutes a month of free transcription or the STANDARD tier providing unlimited message transcription at a cost of 2¢/minute. []

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  1. We have our own physical server in house. Any way to use Skyetel without opening ports on our router?

    [WM: Most routers have a DMZ port. If you use that port, no port forwarding is required.]

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