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Tips, Tricks & Apps to Get the Most Out of Your iPad 2

Rather than providing another glowing review of the iPad 2®, we thought it might be more helpful to sketch out the daily use potential of this incredible device based upon our experience and that of our 10-year old daughter. Yes, we’re one of the 30% who purchased an iPad 2 having already owned a number of first generation iPads. With double the RAM and nearly double the processing power of the first generation device, the one cautionary note that potential purchasers should heed is don’t buy the $499 model. Our daughter has survived a year with a $499 iPad only to find it completely full when she attempted to load Garage Band. And you will want Garage Band which is a storage hog by iPad standards. That’s not to suggest that Katherine’s iPad hasn’t served her well. She has almost 150 applications plus substantial collections of photos and music. What she doesn’t have is movies and video clips. With the addition of two cameras on the iPad 2 as well as Camera, AutoStitch, Movie, and Photo Booth apps and once you see what’s possible with iMovie, you’ll be begging for more storage capacity. Keep in mind that your storage capacity choice is irrevocable! There’s no way to add more storage later unless you buy a new device. And there’s no external storage other than removing apps and data through the iTunes interface. Perhaps more than anything else, that’s why the absence of a microSD slot on the iPad 2 is both a significant shortcoming and a huge disappointment.

The other suggestion we would offer to first-time iPad 2 purchasers is this. Get organized early. What we mean is decide early on how you’re going to use the 10 screens to organize your applications. Before the year is out, you will use all 10 screens assuming your bank account survives. At least now you can also create folders within a screen if you run out of room. Here’s our methodology, and it has served us pretty well. Screen 1 is reserved for the apps we use every day. The other screens are reserved for categories of applications: business, news and books, social, drawing and graphics, music, games, location-based services, and system/network management. If you’re a big gamer, artist, or musician, you may want to reserve two screens for your favorite category. The point is to spend a little time up front deciding how to organize applications. And, fortunately, you can move things around with the iTunes interface down the road so long as you leave one screen available for reorganizing.

You can also place six apps at the bottom of the display, and these are accessible from all 10 screens. Here’s where you’d want your browser, email or Gmail buttons, App Store, and Settings. That leaves you two more must-have apps. If you play music all the time, you’d probably want the iPod app. If you look at Photos all the time, you’d want the Photo app. But you get the idea, use Screen 1 for Daily Use Apps and the 6 bottom slots for your must-have at all times apps. If you don’t heed this advice, then you’ll find yourself having to search for apps on Screen 0 every time you want to use an application.

Favorite Apps. That brings us to our favorite apps. For ease of reference, we’ll cover these in the same way they are organized on our iPad 2. And, we’d love to hear about your favorite apps, too. Just post a comment. In the Daily Use category, here’s our list:

Photo Booth
Hulu Plus
Travelin’ Man
Pulse News

Most of the above applications are self-explanatory, but we’ll mention a few. If you have a Mac, then EyeTV is a must-have addition. It lets you play and record all your favorite TV shows. Removing commercials from a one-hour show is about a 2-minute click-and-drag operation. And it’s incredibly easy to export your favorite recordings in either iPhone or iPad format. So long as iTunes is running on your Mac desktop, you can play your recordings or live TV at any time using either a WiFi or 3G network connection. SlingPlayer does much the same thing (only worse) with no recording capability, but it works with Windows machines as well as Macs, and it’s a standalone device. The Netflix app lets you stream movies and TV shows to your iPad for $7.99 a month, and it supports 6 simultaneous devices including many current generation HDTVs. OBiON is the VoIP app that lets you make free Google Voice calls in the U.S. and Canada using your $49 OBi device. You can read all about it here. If you have an Asterisk® PBX, then you’ll want Bria and our Travelin’ Man app for secure, remote, and free SIP communications. Finally, there’s the new iSWiFTER app which brings Flash video back from the dead on the iPad platform. It’s free for a limited time and, believe it or not, it’s available in the App Store.

Books & News. We spend every morning at the breakfast table with the Books & News page on our iPad. Here’s our list:

Friendly (Facebook)
ABC News
ABC Player
CBS News
Huff Post
News Pro
USA Today
Wash Post
The Daily
TV Guide

We don’t watch much Faux News which has become more akin to Incitement TV. We really hoped The Daily would be different. It’s not. But… to each his own.

Business Apps. This is kind of a catch-all page for stuff we use frequently as well as some apps we’ll probably never use again. Here’s our list:

Zenbe Lists
Voice Memos
aNote Lite
FlipTime XL
Pad Info
PaperDesk LT
News Rack

Of all the ToDo applications that are available (and we’ve tried most of them), we like Todo the best. But, for quick reminders, you can’t beat Due. GoodReader, Keynote, and Pages are must have business apps, and iMovie is every bit as good as the app on the Mac. It’s about perfect for an on-the-go, need-it-in-a-hurry project.

Navigation & Wi-Fi Apps. When we’re on the road or looking for a WiFi Hot Spot or good place to eat, here’s our list:

CoPilot HD
Charts & Tides
Navionics Marines
ShipFinder HD
GPS Drive HD
Hurricane HD
Where To Eat
WiFiGet HD
Dash Four
World Atlas

GPS navigation on the roads is hit and miss on the iPad. Nothing comes close to Google Maps navigation. CoPilot could be a contender except for the outdated maps and copy protection paranoia. On the water, both Charts & TIdes and Navionics Marine are fantastic. We compared both of them to a $10,000 Nav system on a very fine boat only yesterday. There was virtually no difference in the information available with the exception of the radar-enhanced features. If you’re always shopping for real estate, there is no finer app than Zillow, period. If you’re in to fast cars, there is no finer app than Trapster.

Games. Last but not least, everybody needs a diversion once in a while. Here’s a list of some of our favorite iPad games:

Game Center
Foosball HD
Angry Birds
Asphalt 5
Doons HD
FarmVille (WAF)
Hit Tennis 2
Pinball HD
RealRacing HD
RealRacing GTI
Checkers HD
Wacky Circus HD


This will probably be the category that changes the quickest with the new lightening-fast graphics and dual core processor on the iPad 2. Stay tuned!

Originally published: Monday, March 14, 2011

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  1. Good writeup, Ward. A peeve of mine for both iPhone and iPad has been organizing apps. Lately I’ve gone the route of folders instead of pages (3 pages of folders on my iPhone 4.) It seemed like pages were more difficult to get to than a page of folders. Then again it can still be difficult to find something in the right folder and you get only 12 apps/folder unless you’re jailbroken (which I am on the iPhone, but I found Infinifolders confuses iTunes and makes restoring a PITA.) I’m rebuilding my iPad 2 by hand instead of restoring the mess I had ended up with with the iPad 1, so perhaps I’ll give pages a shot again. Why do you like pages over folders?

  2. Is this your 10 year old’s ipad or yours? What apps does she use? I am looking into using iPads in a classroom environment and would like comments on an iPad vs a netbook for k-8 class use.

    [WM: The iPad 2 is mine. My daughter has a first generation iPad. Her favorite apps are Virtual Families, Angry Birds, Kindle for reading her books, Run Stick Run, and Oven Break. She also used it for math exercises and learning her states and capitals.]

  3. Ward:
    I use my iPad 64 3G constantly. Great writeup.

    No medical or emergency apps? Minerva PHR Viewer to store and display you and your families emergency health records.

    Also, I see that you use TextPlus, have you checked out Textfree?

    Not sure if you still use the PogoPlug, I use the PogoPlug HD App to view Movies, etc from my home Pogoplug.

    And most recently, GasBuddy to track gas prices, while driving with Trapster!

    For work, iTap VNC, iTap RDP, iSSH, …
    Thanks and keep nerding those vittles!

  4. Hey Ward,

    Just so you know.. Not exactly sure about iPad 2 as I have not purchased yet myself.. But with a jail broken original iPad you can use the camera connection kit (which is only $29) to connect an external hard drive, etc. It’s essentially a USB adapter.

    Even without jailbreaking you can use the camera kit for MANY things.


    I’m actually using a Logitech wireless headset and have Bria on my iPad working with PIAF.. 🙂

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same deal with the iPad 2, but everyone is waiting on a non tethered 4.3 jailbreak hopefully this week.

    Also, skip the 3G, jailbreak and use MyWi to share your iPhone’s 3G for free..

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