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VoiceMail Transcription for VitalPBX Using IBM Watson STT

Our VitalPBX adventure resumes today with one of the most requested PBX features regardless of platform. VoiceMail Transcription simply means that recorded voicemail messages are transcribed using a speech-to-text (STT) engine before being delivered in both written and recorded formats via email. The good news is we’ll show you how to harness IBM Watson’s STT to do the heavy lifting. Their platform is hands-down the best in the industry. And today we’ll walk you through the 5-minute setup procedure for your VitalPBX server.

IBM Watson’s STT solution is a real game-changer for one simple reason. Their STT API performs more accurately than any speech recognition engine in the world. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about Google breaking our middleware every month. On the standard plan, voicemail transcription is 2 cents per minute, or you can opt for the LITE plan which provides 100 free minutes every month. It’s worth noting that IBM doesn’t round up minutes. Transcribing two 30-second messages counts as one minute.


Obtaining IBM Watson STT Credentials

NOV. 1 UPDATE: IBM has moved the goal posts effective December 1, 2018:

If you’ve already installed the Incredible PBX add-on for VitalPBX, then IBM Watson STT already is in place. All you need is your STT (not TTS) credentials. If you haven’t installed the Incredible PBX add-on, you have two choices to get started. You can either install the Incredible PBX Custom Context now, or you can skip Incredible PBX and set up an IBM Watson account and obtain STT credentials. So start there and write down your STT credentials. You’ll need them in a minute.

Outgoing SMTP Email Setup

You obviously can’t receive voicemail messages by email if your server can’t send emails. So the next step is to configure VitalPBX to assure reliable delivery of outbound email. We strongly recommend using a Gmail account for email relay for the simple reason that many ISPs (such as Comcast) block downstream SMTP mail messages. By using Gmail as a relay host for messages sent from VitalPBX, you avoid the problem. Here’s a simple test to determine whether your server can send emails reliably. Just substitute your email address for yourname@your-email-domain.com.

echo "test" | mail -s testmessage yourname@your-email-domain.com

To configure Gmail as an SMTP relay on your VitalPBX server, login to the GUI and go to Admin:System Settings:Email Settings. Click Use External Mail Server in the Server options. Choose Gmail as the Provider. Insert the From Address to match your Gmail account name. And then enter your Gmail credentials. If you use two-step authentication with your Gmail account, you’ll first need to Obtain an Application Password to use in lieu of your regular Gmail password. Once you’ve completed all of the entries, Save your settings and Reload the Dialplan when prompted. Then send yourself a test email using the fields provided. Don’t proceed until you get this working reliably.

Installing VitalPBX Voice Recognition Engine

1. After logging into your VitalPBX server as root using SSH/Putty:

cd /
wget http://incrediblepbx.com/sendmailibm-vitalpbx.tar.gz
tar zxvf sendmailibm-vitalpbx.tar.gz
rm -f sendmailibm-vitalpbx.tar.gz

2. Now restart Asterisk core services: asterisk -rx "core reload"

3. Edit /usr/sbin/sendmailibm and insert your IBM Watson STT credentials on lines 30 and 31. Change the language on line 34 if you don’t want en-US. Then save the file. NOTE: For new deployments, your API Username should be apikey. And your API Password will be your actual APIkey.

4. Log back into the VitalPBX GUI and configure the extensions desired for email delivery of voicemail. In PBX:Extensions:General, enter an Email Address for each extension. In PBX:Extensions:Voicemail, enter the following data using the password and timezone for each extension. Don’t enable the Delete tab until you have first tested things out.

5. If you’re using Google Voice trunks with an inbound route connecting to one or more extensions, you’ll also need to adjust the Ring Time for incoming calls, or Google Voice’s voicemail may pick up the calls before VitalPBX does. You’ll find the Ring Time setting in PBX:Extensions:Advanced for each extension. We’ve found that 20 seconds works reliably.

Originally published: Monday, April 23, 2018

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