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Wear Something Green for May Day: The Schmoozification of Sangoma

For anyone that wants to run FreePBX® 12 with a module not produced or sold by Sangoma without being bombarded with daily emails and nasty security warnings in your GUI, here’s a portion of the agreement Sangoma would like you to sign:

And the response to those that dare claim such a practice is damaging the fabric of the Asterisk open source community:

Ward believes that he can run around, signing modules that attack other peoples machines, and then when we get sued for it he can sit back and laugh. — xrobau a.k.a. Rob Thomas, Sangoma

It’s been four months since Sangoma purchased Schmooze Com, Inc. and FreePBX®. Happy Anniversary! Silly us, thinking Sangoma was going to clean up the FreePBX mess. Here are unedited excerpts from the horse’s [insert favorite orifice] during the Sangoma free-for-all on Reddit yesterday. Read and weep…

[NOTE: What follows is data from a live feed on Reddit. For those unfamiliar with the platform, users’ comments get elevated or demoted based upon votes from other users although voting down a comment is supposed to be based upon relevance according to Reddit’s rules. User’s comments also can be edited long after the fact. Suffice it to say, there was a concerted effort to up-vote certain posts and down-vote posts that were critical of a certain point of view yesterday. In anticipation of the possibility that some comments might be physically altered in order to cast the author in a more favorable light after we published this article, we have captured all of the original text at the time this article was published. Should there be material changes in particular comments, we will post the original text below the current version so that you can draw your own conclusions.]

Original comment read as follows:

Originally published: Friday, May 1, 2015

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  1. Is it not possible to install an unsigned module or a module hosted on a 3rd party server into FreePBX? In Debian for instance, one can configure "unofficial apt repositories". I can understand why a software vendor might not want to host "contributed" modules on their own servers but at the same time and in the spirit of an open source-ness, there aught be some mechanism to enable use of 3rd party module repositories.

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