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Welcome to Ward Mundy’s Technology Blog aka Nerd Vittles

We’re 18 days late on our New Year’s Resolution to launch a blog, but we finally have lift-off. If reinventing the wheel is your thing, then stop reading now. This blog is dedicated to saving folks some time if there is a topic we happen to know a little about. The word ‘little’ is used advisedly. It emphasizes that the discussion of issues and topics here is intended to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a particular technology. Where appropriate, additional references will be provided to assist interested users in delving more deeply into a particular subject. Our special thanks for WordPress, the premier blogging tool, which makes this all so easy. If you’re reading this on an iPad, lucky you! Just double-tap in the body of any article to see Nerd Vittles in its fully glory. We’ll try to keep things interesting as we move forward. Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. Can you push Asteridex to dial highlighted phone numbers? Also, what about a quick import script for Outlook to Astridex?


    [WM: Good ideas. I’ll have a look.]

  2. Hi Ward,
    nice looking site, lots of info etc. Please tell me which was the default wordpress theme I saw when I first entered the site? Now I’ve changed I cant find the original one, many of the others dont format correctly with your google ad blocks etc.

    [WM: Rubric is the default style. You can read all about using WordPress site styles in our article on the subject.]

  3. Wow. Your tutorials on asterisk are wonderful! Thank you. I’ve seen a small amount of information on call queue statistics but the installation of it is a bit overwhelming? Any primers on this forthcoming?!?!?

  4. Hey Ward – awesome site, it has been very helpful.

    I think your next "how to" article would be pairing multiple PBX systems together. I.e. having a PBX system at 2 offices paired together to share 1 voicemail, 1 set of extensions, etc with centralized management or have 2 systems paired at one location in order to handle a multiple sets of POTS or PRI lines..

    I haven’t seen a "soup-to-nuts" guide for that type of setup.

    [WM: I’m chompin’ at the bit to do just that. Looks like we’ve got a couple of new versions of Asterisk and Asterisk@Home in the pipeline. After that, it’s #1 on my list.]

  5. Thank you for such a usefull site. I’m trying to get a multi-line phone system to ring an extension even when it’s busy. Ideally I’d like a call to go to voice mail only when DND is on or there was no answer. I think I found where the settings need to be placed, but I don’t have any idea how to set it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Ward,

    Thank you very much for your tuturials! You’ve saved me a ton of time in implementing ideas I’ve had for a while but never found time to figure out. I’m using regular asterisk without AMP, but most of your examples still apply.

    I have a Nextel phone with Free Incoming, so I implemented the Ringy-Dingy-thingy on my server and can now make tons of calls using my cell at no charge, even during peak hours.

    One suggestion you can add if you like, you can use CallerID matching on an existing DID rather than needing a separate one. Since I only want it to work from a few phones, I match CID in the dialplan. From that point, since it calls back, security is very tight as the attacker would need to be not only able to spoof CID, but be able to capture the return call as well. If you’d like me to provide a code sample, let me know.

    I also wanted to comment to you regarding your 52 free countries service you plan to announce tomorrow. If it is using one of the Finarea companies, watch out. They are a bait-and-switch scam. They lure you in to pay for credit by offering all these free calls, then slowly remove free destinations. The US is always one of the first to go. If you aren’t talking about one of them, then great! If so, just be careful and consider yourself warned by someone who has already fallen for it once.

    Have a great evening and thanks again for the great site!


  7. Ward, I came accross a couple of commands that should be useful for refreshing a dynamic IP address instead of that cron job 🙂
    externhost = hostname.tld : (new in Asterisk 1.2.x)
    externrefresh = xxx : Specify how often a hostname DNS lookup should be performed for the value entered in ‘externhost’ (new in Asterisk 1.2.x)

  8. Hi Ward,

    I love your web site, and have been following it for at least 5 years. Here’s an idea for a future column that I’d find useful. I use PBXinAFlash at my house, and previously had used a cordless phone with an ATA adapter. Over time we’ve lost all our cordless phones, or they have broken. I’d like to buy a new set, but we need at least six handsets.

    I’ve thought of buying a bunch of wifi sip phones, but they are pricey. So basically, the column would be about what the recommended cordless phone solution is for a PIAF household or small business.

  9. Just built a new PIAF to replace my old one that had run for years on a VM. I even found an Acer Revo to set it up on. LOVE the Google dialing! You and your crew are the best!

  10. I never thought blogs like this would be of any help for me until I had a hard time with Asterisk! I’m going to recommend your site to my friends because I know the blog will come in handy anytime we all need a little help on troubleshooting.

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